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International first level Degree "Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology"
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EuroBiotech Project Workpackages
Wp1 Management
The financial administration will be made by the University of Perugia in collaboration with TUCEP consortium which provide preparation of payment and reimbursement according to the European instruction. They also will take care of maintaining the contacts with the partners by sending all advertisement and by organising the meetings, to publish and diffusing the News letters and other eventual books produced by the other partner in relation to the activity planned inside the single workpackage.
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Wp2 Omics in Biotechnology
A higher education on-field course on proteomics, genomics, metabolomics and physiomics applied to biotechnology will be offered to EU students, adopting new teaching methods based on a strict linkage between research activity, dedicated stages at specialised public institutions and private companies of the field and teaching
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Wp3 New Applications of Polymeric Biomaterials in Medicine
Polymers and biopolymers play an increasing important role as biomaterials, both as main matrix or complementary compounds, because they are versatile, they can be modified accordingly the application or they can be tailor made for specific and clever functions
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Wp4 Biosensor applications in medicine, foods and environment
Biosensors found extensive application in medical diagnostic, foods and environment. A higher education training course on biosensors will be offered to the EU students, adopting new teaching methods in which in learning process are based on a linkage between research activity, teaching and innovations.
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Wp5 Application of Immunology in Botechnology
Preparation and design of educational products comprising of the course materials: 30 hr lectures in the form of 15 power point presentations and 45 hr of laboratories in the form of booklet concerning the practical applications of basic and advanced immunology for biotechnological purposes
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Wp6 Microbial Adaptation to Environmental Changes
Evaluation of changes of the features of pathogenic microorganisms and infectious diseases in the modern era caused by new technologies
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Wp7 Molecular diagnostics of microorganisms
Effective DNA identification of microorganisms in clinical, food and environmental isolates requires a coordinated effort of several workgroups in a close interconnection of research, education and innovation.
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Wp8 Creation of a learning platform for Biotechnology disciplines
Aim: Realise an e-Learning platform in which exploit the potential of the all learning contents developed during the past and current years of thematic network (ODL modules, Course organisation, Evaluation Tests).
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Wp9 Adoption of ODL Modules and Tests on Biotechnology ODL courses
Aim: Provide evaluation test for every ODL module and each supported course. The purpose is to give a self-assessment tool for each student that follows a specific ODL module as well as a common evaluation framework to be adopted onto the course.
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Wp10 International Veterinary Course
Set up an intentional high degree course (five years) on Veterinary Science, performed in English language, with a presence of 80 % foreign students, coming from the East Europe, balcanic areas, EU, Cina and Africa
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Wp11 Test for evaluation of biological formation in the secondary school
Aim: Stimulate young student toward biotechnology disciplines giving to them a feedback of their degree of basic knowledge on biology. For this purpose a set of specific questions will be prepared in order to allow test submission.
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Wp12 Tuning methodology
Tuning methodology was not yet applied to Natural Science and especially to Biotechnology. It is intention of the Tuning group to extend this methodology also to this discipline
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Wp13 Consumerism, Bioethics and meaning of sustainability
Aim: collection of information at level of the different European countries on the consumer request both on food quality and energy resources
2 120.9 kB 1079
Wp14 Diet and dietary patterns in gastrointestinal disease
Diet and dietary patterns play a major role in the development of gastrointestinal disease. Dietary patterns are determined by cultural, economic, geographic, climatic factors and they may be modified by the application of a healthy diet according to scientific evidence
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Wp15 Identification of vegetal product authenticity using PNA platforms
The aim of the present workpackage is to develop molecular probes based methods for the definition of authenticity of food production with particular emphasis on olive oil and tomato products.
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Wp16 Collaboration with enterprises in the formation
The biggest part of the gross national product of the EU comes from small and medium enterprises (SME) whereas their share of public founded research is relatively small
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Wp17 Novel and Rare Technologies
This is a multidisciplinary workpackage integrating a variety of expertise including multiple medical, analytical, synthetic, biochemical, molecular biological, industrial fields as well as ethics, law sciences, healthcare and economics
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Wp18 Quality Assurance and Assessment
The quality assurance group will assess the activities of the European Biotechnology Network Association and the quality of the products from the EBNA e.g. ODLs.
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Wp19 Dissemination
The dissemination of initiatives (workshops, courses, conferences, pamphlets, etc.) carried out by the different partners who will be in charge of the coordination of some other workpackages will start since the second semester from program beginning
11 253 kB 5742
Wp20 Exploitation
The results of the network will consist in the realisation of international courses of first and second level one already developed in Biotechnology which will be potentate by adding new specialisation in proteomics, in microbiology and immunology
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