Kickoff Meeting

“EUROBIOTECH – European Biotechnology”
& International First Level Degree “Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology”
& Master “Biotechnology Medical Application”

University of Perugia, Italy January 17th/19th, 2008
Thursday 17th JanuaryFriday 18th JanuarySaturday 19th January
Morning Session
09.30-10.00 Registration
10.00-13.00 Welcome of the President
Financial organisation
NATO project
Proposal from the Associated members
Global Bioethics Association presentation by Prof. Brunetto Chiarelli 
Afternoon session
14.30-15.00 Registration
15.00-15.15 Welcome
15.15-15.45 Presentation of the New project: Summary & Aims
15.45-18.30 Short presentation (5 minutes) of the 21 Workpackages by each leader
18.30 End of the session

Morning session
09.30-11.00 Working group activities
11.00- 11.30 Coffee break
11.30-13.00 Final presentation of timetable by each workpackage leaderFriday 18th January
Afternoon session
15.00-16.30 Organisation of the project
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00-17.30 Creation of the steering committee
17.30-18.30 Future deadline for meeting and plan of the dissemination activities
18.30 Valorisation and conclusions
Morning Session
International Courses:
First level Degree "Job Creation Oriented Biotechnology"
Master "Biotechnology Medical Application"
09.30 Starting Work
Future and problems of the international courses
Signature of the students diploma
Diploma supplement
Report of the QAA visit
Contribution of the partner Universities
Proposal of a Workshop in Brussels on Oct-Nov 2008
Luigi Magni presentation