EuroBiotech Project

This project aims at implementing the development of Biotechnological Industries by creating synergies between Institutions and Enterprises. The specific objectives are:
  • The relationship between education and research activities of European Institutions and Enterprises growth;
  • The improvement of this relationship for mutual benefits;
  • The evaluation of the didactic approaches already developed on potential job creation;
  • The identification of good practical methodology in developing this area;
  • The favouring of the economical development of disadvantaged areas across Europe.
The direct target groups are the students, postgraduates, post-doctors and other personnel of Institutions, research centres and Enterprise employers. Indirect target groups are the Institutions, the Industries, the Trade Unions and Education and Labour Ministries. The main activities will be: the analysis of the relations between Universities and Enterprises, the implementation of their linkage, the creation of specific training courses which will favour the Enterprises development, the study of guidelines for favouring the development of biotechnology Enterprises through the collaborations with the Universities, the identification of models of good practice and the creation of bio-enterprise incubators. The products will be reports of the analysis made, the development of training modules, including ODL, the development of “best practice” guidelines across Europe to favour the continuous establishment and sustainability of Biotechnology Enterprises, the dissemination of all products through News letters, web-site and conferences, the creation of a bio-incubator.

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